Solidarity Walk, 11/23

On November 11th, 2015 I attended a walk that was held in light of events that were occurring across college campuses. The events, which were held in recognition of racist actions at Mizzou, Yale, and countless other schools, was held on the Main Lawn in front of the university center. The walk and the rally that followed weren’t long in length, with speeches from students and the opportunity for members of the crowd to make remarks.

What I found especially interesting was at times the way people reacted to the speeches as they merely passed by. I’m not sure that the event had much time to organize itself, but the turnout was nonetheless strong. Either way, it had the possibility of causing people who were wandering by to pause and remain for the remainder of the speeches. The two students who spoke were able to draw in complete strangers and keep their attention simply through their words and the conviction behind them.

After the event I was speaking with several of my friends who had joined me in the crowd. Several of them are majoring in global studies or international relations, and as a result were more aware of the events that had inspired the walk. However, many of them were unfamiliar with the various attacks and the protests they have inspired, which reminded me of how we as college students, despite saying that we are “bettering” ourselves through our education, can in fact be unaware of what’s going on beyond our campus’ borders.



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