“We Can All Do Better” -Bill Bradley

The 2016 Kenner Lecture on Cultural Understanding and Tolerance with Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator, Olympian, NBA Hall of Famer and Best-Selling Author addressed everything from U.S. Foreign Policy to what it’s like transitioning from the NBA to the US Senate.

A devout believer in the inherent good that can be found in normal citizens across the United States, Bill Bradley spoke at length about how to make America great again.  He began his policy discussion with emphasis on the need to improve the infrastructure throughout the US, whether it be through the creation of high speed rails or simply repaving roads. An instrumental member in the historic 1986 tax reform under Ronald Reagan he laments the current inability of Congress to compromise. This incapability paired with the opportunity cost of not investing in infrastructure and an in-depth look at the inefficiencies that riddle the US tax system, he spared no feelings in exposing our country’s greatest weaknesses.

With regard to cultural understanding and tolerance Mr. Bradley encouraged millennials to explore the death penalty, as it disproportionally affects African Americans, and the changing voter registration in many southern states.

A crucial part of being a Global Citizen is taking into account different opinions and cultures and Bill Bradley has certainly seen it all. As an instrumental backer of international exchange programs, extensive knowledge of foreign policy and travel experience, Bradley embodies  many aspects of Global Citizenship.



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